Ammo case theme revisited

When building the C70 case there was not need to do much modifications to the actual chassis frame because it was so awesome already. To get some jigsawing done I started another military themed project that would fit the c70 side by side. I remembered seeing a surplus military ammo cases somewhere and with little googling work it was easy to find a retailer where to get these from.

US Army .50 cal ammo box was used in building of the PSU enclosure.

We need more power

US Army .50 cal ammo case was chosen because it had enough room (W:29, H:19, D:14 cm) for a full size ATX power supply and some additional components. The plan was to fit in some fans and 2x120mm setup seemed quite optimal. Leftover stock Corsair fans from the C70 were used to provide additional ventilation. I had an old Antec TruePower 430w PSU lying around and it was perfect for this project. The PSU itself is about 10 years old but still working perfectly, despite being used in several pc setups. However, the connections were done so that the PSU can be easily swapped in case it breaks down.

Some molex connectors where left untouched and can be used freely, although it requires opening the case lid. The PSU was hooked to be in always on mode. It can be easily done by connecting the ATX connector power on pin to ground. The power will then fire up directly from the back plate switch. 12v and 5v rails were connected to binding posts via separate switches and they can be enabled independently. The switches affect currently only the binding posts and not the molex connectors inside the case. A BitFenix LED strip was used here similarly to the C70 mod and also indicator LEDs for the power rails were added. Carbon fibre vinyl and blue cable wrapping were used to finish up the interior looks.

Assembling the interior and the components.

Putting it all together

I forgot to take any images when making the holes for the fans and the PSU. There was several ideas where to cut an air intake hole but in the end the lid seemed like the best place for it. That was until I started actually jigsawing it... These ammo cases have double reinforced lids and my jigsaw was really begging for mercy when I grinded the dual intake holes on the lid. Steel mesh grill was used to cover the front and the lid holes and the Antec PSU used its original 80mm and 92mm fan grills. Same type of fighter jet switches were used than in the C70 but this time I decided not to wrap them. All grills, screws and the switches were painted with a camo green spray paint, a little lighter hue than the original NATO green in the ammo case. A bit more carbon fibre for the handle and the hinge and everything was done.

All of the components fitted in and cables wrapped.

Ready for action

The end result was quite ok and the rig feels extremely sturdy. It can be happily used anywhere where a 12v or a 5v dc power supply is needed, excluding outdoor usage due to the open construction. I bought actually two of these ammo cases, let's see if I can make anything out of the 2nd one later...

Some shots with the PSU up and running.